Sunday, April 8, 2012

My First Post on RayFuller Photography!

I want to share a little about who I am. I have always LOVED taking pictures of people, places and things. I started playing with cameras at a young age with my mom. She taught me the ropes on everything when it comes to photography. I have a passion for taking pictures EVERYWHERE I go. I'm the one that always has a camera -- even if it is just my phone. You never know when the perfect shot might come along and I want to be ready.
Other than photography, I have a passion for animals. Growing up, there has always been a four-legged friend. They were my first pictured subjects. My pup is a giant Saint Bernard/Black Lab mix. She is my partner in crime and gets to go on long walks with me when I am on the hunt for some fun nature shots. She is camera shy or maybe just doesn't much care for the camera flash. Getting a shot of my dog is always tricky but fun. I come from a small immediate family but a large extended family with LOTS OF KIDS. Family gatherings are always fun. If you know the Fullers, you know we are all about having a good time and there is usually something good to eat as well. With such a large family of people and pets, it's never hard to find something to take a picture of. I have started searching outside of my family pictures in hopes of making something of this. I hope to one day have my own studio and to have a "job" doing something I love. I hope you enjoy my journey and weekly posts of my new camera subjects.
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