Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting to know me... again!

Hi! This is me, Rachel Fuller. I go by Ray though... hence the name RayFuller Photography. 
I thought I will share a little about me today. 
I did this when I first started the blog and well if you look back I stopped for about a year! SORRY! It's like writing in a daily journal and if you know me, you know that I'm horrible at keeping up with my day to day journal. So here we go again. Hopefully I can keep this up a little better though since I have told several people I'm blogging.
A little about me... I'm a young aspiring photographer. I have always liked the power of a photograph. I want to take photos that will be enjoyed for generations to come NOT just the photos that get lost on Facebook. Photos tell stories, love, hate, sadness, hardship, passion, secrets, and memories. I have done weddings, engagements, senior portraits, and family photos. Everyone is different and that is what makes the "job" so much fun. You never know what you are going to get. The best part is at the end of the day (or more so when the photos are done and ready to be shown off) the look on the persons face. They are always happy to see their photos and to see that art and work that went into them.
How I became to be a photographer -- it's my moms fault. She gave me a camera around the age of 5. It was a pink Barbie camera and lets just say it took off from there. I was out to take pictures of the world.
Lets see... a few random facts? I like long walks on the beach, flowers, and romantic feel good books.
Well actually I'm not kidding. I love the beach but I have walked on a beach only like 3 times in my life. So that doesn't count. but I'm a total girl -- I love flowers and romantic feel good books. 
I'm pretty much an open book (no pun intended) but lets see what I can come up with on the spot. My favorite color is purple. I LOVE DOGS and I work at a vet office. I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I love dresses and dancing. Well when I say dancing I more of mean dancing alone in my room where no one can see me. Ohh and I love photography -- if you don't know that by now! 
Anyways I'm going to call in a night with blogging and get on my photo edits from my 2 photo shoots today! Thanks for reading!

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